Marina Request Form

Your personal data is collected for legitimate and lawful purposes of;  to establish a contractual relationship in our facility, to provide the information requested by the public institutions and organizations within the scope of the notification obligation of the Ministries , to the conduct of the administrative operation of the facility and the continuity of employee-employer relations. For further information on the purpose, legal reason, and methods of destruction of your personal data please visit our page titled PDPL at Upon your request, the relevant information text will be given to you by the desk clerk in writing.

According to the PDPL law Numbered 6698 in accordance with Article 11, the application details and application form for the data responsible regarding your rights are available on our website. If you cannot find it, it will be provided to you by the counter officer. For our facility, protecting your personal data in the best way is just as important as serving you a comfortable and relaxed vacation.

We wish you a good holiday.