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ECE Marina;

Those who see are

connected to the land from the heart.

Lying like a pearl necklace, on the coast of deep blue Fethiye bay, Ece Marina is waiting for you to enjoy the sea and the nature. Easy to reach by airways, seaways and land, once you come to Ece Marina, which serves the utmost quality service and has a blue flag and 5 golden anchors, you will never want to leave again.

ECE Marina Promotion Video:

460 Boats up to 60 meters.

Ece Marina has a capacity of -depending on boat sizes- 460 boats. You can safely moor in our marina for whole year with your boat up to 60 meters..

Home Away From Home

Ece Saray Marina Resort offers you a vacation with its high standart hotel, magnificent pool, bars, restaurants which serve unique tastes of Turkish and World cuisine, SPA and Wellness Center and hairdressing services in a unique natural environment.

Always at your service!

A world class port that goes full steam ahead into the future with special handling and extra services. Ece Marina gives services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to the guests.

What do we offer?


Once you come to Ece Marina, which serves the utmost quality service and has a blue flag and 5 golden anchors, you will never want to leave again.


You can easily get information about the availability by filling out the “Reservation” request form. Our Marina Office will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yacht Club

Our mission is to to raise generations who love and know the sea. Ece Saray Yacht Club; Our club organizes sports activities, sailing training opportunities, races and regattas.


Ece Saray Hotel

A 48 room hotel in the Fethiye bay, with an extraordinary nature, inside the private marina which is a meeting point for all the sea lovers, with an elite environment and garden. Ece Saray Hotel; Fethiye’s first and unique deluxe hotel, a peaceful place between deep blue sea, lush green hills and boat masts, with young and friendly staff to make you feel peaceful.

For Marina Guests 10% Discount!

For Marina Guests, we offer 10% discount for Hotel accommodation and daily pool use services.

Discover Ece Saray Marina Resort Hotel; which brings a new dimension to luxery vacation, meeting all your expectations and beyond. Briefly Ece Saray is a place to spoil yourself.


Serenity Spa


We have been professionally working both in city centres and touristic complexes since 1998. We have formed our spa vision with the awareness of ”Nothing endures but change”.

Our main aim is to provide the highest standards to our guests. Besides, by closely following the world’s spa trends, we enrich holistic spa conception which stands for body and universe integrity and appeal to five senses.

Tamarind Restaurant & Bar

Another local brand that brings together Turkish and International Cuisines with local and fresh products. Briefly they make you feel joyful and delighted in Ece Marina.

Girida Port

Fish Restaurant


A local brand that offers service that will add color to your holiday with all kinds of daily fish, seafood and appetizers in the garden of our hotel with the view of Fethiye Bay.


Karagozler District No:1 Yacht Harbour Fethiye Mugla, Turkiye